Client Experience vs. Customer Service

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

What are they? What’s the difference? And should you be implementing them in your business?

We’ll answer all of these and more . . . but first I want to say YES . . . you need to implement both customer service and exceptional client experiences into your business. It just might make the difference between a potential client and a booked client!

Before we get into implementing a great client experience, we need to learn what exactly a client experience is. Is it the same as customer service? What are we talking about here?

While customer service and client experience are similar and have a lot of overlap, they are different.

"Chances are, if you have excellent customer service, you’re creating an elevated client experience."

Client experience is the intentional strategy to create memorable moments.

There are calculated steps in mapping out the journey your client will take. You will have planned touchpoints that will "WOW" your clients and grow your business.

Customer service is more of the tasks involved in the transactions with the customer.

Let’s say you are a Service Provider (like me!) and you've just finished a discovery call.

You and your client have both agreed that you are a great fit!

You get off the call and immediately send them a contract.

They sign it and send it back. Boom!

Now you send the invoice. Paid!

Welcome Package. Delivered!

That streamlined quick response minimizes the wait time and decreases the client's anxiety.

After making a significant purchase, some people have a moment or two of buyer's remorse. By creating a stellar client experience, you quickly minimize those negative feelings.

"This is what a great client experience is all about. Creating positive emotions. and showing your customers you care."

In a client experience, needs are anticipated and met.

Great client experience reaches beyond the moment while you’re interacting with a customer or client.

There’s the pre-touch. This is before your client even becomes your client. It's the moment they discover you. Your pre-touch is your website, online presence, and reviews. This is what people see.

This is what sparks their interest.

This is what makes them say, “Hey. This is what I need.”

This is when your client experience begins.

But why? why it does customer experience really matter? Why all fuss?

Because Happy customers are repeat customers.

Happy customers tell others about your product or service.

Happy customers leave raving reviews.

Raving reviews that attract more customers.

Repeat customers plus new customers' equal growth!!

AND Who doesn't want growth in their business?

So now we know what great customer experience is . . . but how do we create one?

Check back on the next post to read part two of our Client Experience Series: How to Deliver a Great Client Experience.

Till next time may you have beautiful moments that turn into lasting memories.


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