How to get your first Client as a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

Hey Friends! Finding clients. It’s the hardest part of launching your virtual assistant business, right? Well, today, I’m giving you my best tips on how to overcome that hurdle and find your perfect client! Listen in as I share my tips... Make the most of your personal network Create and optimize your social media Join industry-specific Facebook groups Take a course Enjoy! Thought of the day: “The best investment is in the tool’s of one’s own trade.” Benjamin Franklin Connect

Worried about making time for BOTH Kids and Your new business? My time-management hacks, revealed!

Is it really possible to be present with your kids and have a thriving business? I will tackle this topic and how it can be accomplished with a little savvy time management. How we manage our time can make or break the day. It’s vital to find or create small hacks that work with your lifestyle and help you take control of your day. Listen in as I share... Discipline and lead yourself Plan out your ideal day Prepare your children Rinse and Repeat Enjoy! “A plan is what, a sche

How to launch a Virtual Assistant or freelancing business in 30 days or less!

Do you dream of starting your own virtual assistant business? Do you get stuck in the details of where to start? Learn how you can map out the steps and start your business in just 30 days! Listen in as I share... Week 1: Set your foundations Week 2: Decide your service or industry Week 3: Start applying and find clients Week 4: Begin onboarding process Join the Assistant Accelerator Course Connect with Jacqueline on Facebook Connect with Jacqueline on Instagram “You are neve